Indiana Jones to return in 2008

December 30, 2006

Great news!! One of my fave film series of all time (along with Star Wars and also Harry Potter) 🙂
I must admit that there are few films that I will go out of the way to see at the cinema. The current home set up means that it is nearly as enjoyable, and when the HD films (whether Blu Ray or HD-DVD) arrive, well that could be the final trip to the cinema… Any thoughts?

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  1. Good news indeed

    You can always come and see it on the Kelly home cinema!

    BTW You’re wrong about HP 😉

  2. HP rules!!

  3. Harry Potter?!!!

    You’re taking this Metro-sexual think way too far… 😉

    Home cinema rather than going to the real thing? You mean you don’t want mobile phones going off at regular intervals during the film, with mongo whispering to fellow mongos to try to explain the plot? Popcorn being thrown about, chewing gum on the seat, and stupid prices for heart-attack-inducing food and drink?

    Hmm…no, me neither!

    Harry Bloody Potter?!! You can keep your Indiana Jones too…

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