December 6, 2006

Been in London today on business – University College Hospital and also our Head Office on Adam Street. Good to catch up with some friends / colleagues.
It always amazes me how damn busy it is in the big smoke. It really is incredible. The reception lady has a daily, you ready for this, 4 hour commute (2 hours each way)!!! Unbelievable. Makes my 10 minutes to work look a tad on the easy side.
Speaking of travel, it looks the government are trying to introduce per mile payment which include a GPS tracking device installed in all cars, which we pay for, they know exactly where we are and at what speed and ram yet another broom up the you know what to really shaft us. There is an online petition to sign, which, handily, I have lost the URL to, so many apologies. I would heartily recommend signing it if you find it!


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