So, has anyone actually bought a Zune?

December 2, 2006

I am distinctly underwhelmed by the Zune (from what I’ve read and seen). It’s been available since the 14th November in the US, not sure when it’s out in the UK … The funniest bit of info I’ve heard is that the iPod (GO APPLE! 😉 ) USB charger is selling better than the Zune on amazon.com Oh deary me. That, my friends, is not good at all.

If Apple go ahead (as widely predicted) and release a wide screen video iPod, I honestly think that the Zune is well and truly naccered. Saying that, a friend who has been with some electronic suppliers recently, mentioned that the people in this company say that the iPod sales are plateauing and that they need something else. I call some BS here. The iPod is selling like hot cakes in most major markets, has some great accessories and the Shuffle is flying out of the door and is very well priced for a sneaky Christmas pressy! Here’s mine ….


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