A rather good birthday present!

December 1, 2006

It has been a really pleasant surprise to see all the people visiting my Blog, especially as it’s my birthday today! How old? Old enough thanks very much!
Hugh MacLeod has an update on his excellent Blog. He does the artwork for Stormhoek wines. I think I’ve tried their stuff before and it’s bloody nice.

A slight admission – I don’t even drink now! No booze has passed my lips since March 4th. Why? It was a getting a tad habitual, the middle age spread was….. er… spreading, and a couple of friends got a little out of hand when they had one too many sherries. It all combined to make me give it a rest for a while and 9 months later, I feel pretty damn good. Anyone else knocked the alcohol on the head? (Probably not many with 40% off at Threshers!!) 🙂

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