Some great stuff

November 11, 2006

Due to the PowerMac dying (now being repaired by Amsys in Surrey)….. I have not had access to all the pics and info that I had been saving to Blog. However, due to the power of Super Duper I found all the files on one of the Lacie drives I have (I ghost a full backup every night). So, here you go, two weeks of stuff I saved up!

First up, the best bed linen, ever! 😉


Next up, Aston Martins new Rally car based on the AMV8 – now this would be fun to drive on the road!


TVs are a hot item this Christmas – yes, it is only 6 week away! (thank goodness for Amazon!). If you have some money to splurge, then this bad boy is the one for the designer living room. (We will have to put up with 43″ Pioneer – oh the hardship!).


If you have a TV like this, you need to cut down on the dust in your gaffe, so a decent handheld vacuum is a must. Funnily enough (not like me at all!) I had to have Dyson’s latest gadget, the Root 6. It’s actually blooming good and does provide some decent suction (always a good thing to have).


I thought this was superb – a very good artist had changed the floor of this lift so you would have second thoughts getting in! Brilliant!



More to come shortly!


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