Unlucky Mr Bush

November 8, 2006

Well, what a shame, the Republican cowboys have lost control of the House of Representatives and could lose the senate. One two three. Awwwww 😉 Could be some major changes on the way soon, we can hope!
Bloody hell. The net is running like a tortoise stuck in quick sand. Come on Karoo! What the hell is up with the system? It does not bode well for the upgrade, supposedly happening on Monday where we will get a 8mb line. Hmmmm I am worried now. Karoo has had a hard time and rightly so – they have a complete monopoly on being Hull’s only ISP so we have nothing else to choose from because the other ISPs won’t support anything on the Kingston Comms network. So we get shafted.
Another thing that REALLY annoys me is crap packaging. Dixons were the culprit today – I bought Kate a new iPod shuffle in Dixons Duty Free in Edinburgh (good price at £44). However the packaging was atrocious. Molded plastic which required some serious scissor surgery to remove and nearly hurt my hand in the process. Anyone else got some examples of bad packaging ? You must have because it is everywhere!!

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