News on a Thursday

November 2, 2006

Morning all 🙂
Some interesting items on the news today, and indeed yesterday ….. Firstly, I was reading the newspaper at lunchtime (another salad and baked potato for me!) and saw an article about some peasant scum who had fed a live cat to his pitt bull dog. Unbelievable. I cannot understand how people can hurt defenceless animals. Being shot in the gut and tossed into a cess pit would be too good for this low life. Grrrr…..
Moving on to today, I see that Charles de Gaul airport in Paris has taken away security clearance from 70 Muslims due to a security risk. This one is going to run and run !!! It’s a evry strong stance but, perhaps a necessary one considering some of them had visited training camps in Pakistan and Afghanistan. I mean, what do you expect? Onto a lighter subject, Google is starting to overtake Channel 4 and ITV (next year) in advertising revenue – GO Googlers!!! Not surprised by this in the least. TV is fast becoming outdated. Hardly watch any – if we do use the plasma, it’s for a DVD (waiting patiently for HD DVD / BluRay!). Plug in an eyetv from elgato in the Mac and watch it there and have full PVR control = much better and should look rather fine on the new 30″ 😉
Rounding off, we have the new “MRSA-proof” keyboard which a Microbiologist has developed at UCL in London – easy to wipe and clean and has a light to tell you when it needs cleaning. How about just washing your hands more often? Good grief, it ‘aint hard is it mate!?

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