What is the world coming to?! This makes me furious!

October 15, 2006

“The Middle East Media Research Institute (MEMRI) reports that the
glass Cube Apple erected earlier this year on New York’s tony Fifth
Ave, dubbed Apple Mecca by many of the Mac faithful, is offensive to
Muslims due to the Cube’s resemblance to the Ka’bah (aka The House of Abraham).
The report goes on to say that there’s a genuine belief that the design
of the store was specifically meant to provoke Muslims and cites other
contributing insults such Apple housing “bars” that sell alcoholic beverages within the Cube structure and it being open 24/7″.

For f*cks sake. What a load of total b*ll*cks.

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  1. Nothing more than an overblown hoax: http://www.applegazette.com/mac/muslim-community-responds-we-love-the-apple-nyc-cube/

  2. Hmmm … thank goodness for that then!

  3. Infidel!!

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