Canon Cameras Hot News Update – Future Models

October 14, 2006

Just found this from the Digital Camera Resource Page Forums:

Canon is working hard on the next generation of DSLR’s, all of which
are built around DIGIC III. By PMA next year, Canon will refresh the
entire range (except the 400D) with new cameras which boast the
following standard features.

  • Anti-Dust
  • Lower noise, higher ISO (> 3200), higher dynamic range

So with those bits in mind, the source went on to talk about the upcoming models.

The 30D’s sucessor will have the following improvements.

  • Improved sensor as described above. Not the same as the one in the 400D.
  • Still 5 FPS
  • More AF points and faster and more accurate AF.
  • Anti-Dust
  • 1.6X Crop Factor

no price range was given since these are prototype products, but you
can imagine that the price will be similar ($1299 sounds about right).

Pretty believable stuff. Now we get to the interesting part which is
related to the 5D AND is very consistent with the hefty rebates on the
30D and 5D that you will see next month.

The 5D will be partitioned into two models, a lower end model and a higher end model.

The Lower Model would be a repackaged 5D in a smaller 30D-sized body
with DIGIC III, Anti-Dust, and improved AF (like the 30D successor).
This would sell for less than the 5D goes for currently. If I had to a
venture a guess, somewhere in the low $2000’s would be about right, or
even $1999 if Canon were feeling generous.

The Higher Model would include a new 16 MP sensor like the 1DS Mark II
(though not the same), DIGIC III, improved AF like before, and a 5 FPS
burst rate rather than 3 FPS. This would sell for a similar price to
the current 5D. I would guess that $2999 would be about right.

The source is pretty reliable as he visited Canon Japan to preview
these cameras and broke the news on the 400D very accurately. This all
sounds pretty plausible, otherwise I wouldn’t be reporting it.

Very interesting – the thread is located here.
I really fancy a 5D 😉

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