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October 4, 2006

Having had 4 days offline, I’ve been catching up over the past day or so (sorry darling! ;-)). So, I thought I would blog the stuff that has stood out …….

Dyson – he is the man. Sorted out the vacuum market and now onto hand dryers! Yes, you read correctly! Have a look at this bad boy. Airblade technology and 400mph clean air which is apparently rather more efficient than the normal dryers out there. (Must agree here as most of them are total rubbish).

Greenpeace – great parody on the Apple homepage – they would like all computer manufacturers to be more environmentally friendly – Apple could really leverage their audience here and create a real green vibe, something they have missed to be honest.

Gallardo – one of my fave cars and I just love this pic (would go for orange myself – have an orange SE and a white spyder in my Test Drive Unlimited garage :-))

Photokina has come and gone and I liked what Nikon had done with this.

Watercooled graphics cards?! Whoa! Serious stuff for the gamers out there.

SE Screens – coming in 2008 to the masses and blow plasma and LCD out of the water… start saving boys n gals.

PS3 – it’s coming, slowly but surely and just look at this shop installation. Do you think they want to be noticed?

Zune – something else on the horizon and the hype is starting. But hype for what? Bigger than the iPod by a fair way and no proper WiFi and it’s made my Microsh*te. Hmmmm nothing for you here people…. move along now…..



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