Last day at work for a while

September 27, 2006

Managed to get everything finished (I think), although spent most of the day in the business plan presentations – pretty interesting and everyone had put a huge amount into it.

Good to get home and Kate was having a reflexology session  =  some spare Mac time for me 😉 Fired up NewsFire RSS and looked few the threads I subscribe too.


Fancy some Apple beer …? Do you think Steve’s legal department may be a little upset?! They are particularly hot about infringement, which is why I rang a well known nursing magazine when they had used the Apple logo (well, made it green and reversed it) for a particularly campaign. I politely pointed out they may want to change it! It is now a pineapple! 🙂


This also caught my eye – what a mare!! Hope she was ok! Lesson to self …. watch javelin when it is about to land!!!


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