23" iMac on the way?

September 2, 2006

Reliable sources have informed MacOSXRumors that Apple is planning to introduce a 23 inch iMac on the first day of Apple Expo during a special event that will take place in San Fransisco and will be streamed to London.The iMac will have an across-the-line upgrade to Intel’s just released Core 2 Duo processor, sources claimed. No further details were provided about the technical specs of the new iMac line-up.The current iMac line-up is powered by the Intel Core Duo processor and is available with a 17 inch or 20 inch built-in display. Since late last year, the iMac also features a built-in iSight and Front Row Remote Control.Analysts and the Mac community expect Apple to widely use the new Intel processors in its Mac laptops and entry to mid-range desktops. It has also been rumoured that Apple is preparing to introduce an iTunes movie store during the September 12th event.Apple Expo is taking place in Paris, France at Porte de Versailles between September 12-16. Apple recently notified the press on the September 12 special event without giving hints on what could be announced.

macosXrumors.com: news and rumors related to Mac OS X and Apple

Loads of rumors flying about leading up to an Apple special event on the 12th. a 23″ iMac sounds plausible, but I would prefer a new Mini and 23″ screen to be honest. Failing that, the best of both worlds, a MacBook / Pro and a cinema screen. What do you think?

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