Jailed? Should have been shot IMHO

August 31, 2006

Man who ran bike over Pc jailedPc Liz Parsonage shows her injuriesPc Liz Parsonage was badly injured in the attack at a Lymington pubA man who drove his motorbike over a police officer as she broke up a fight has been jailed.

BBC NEWS | England | Hampshire | Man who ran bike over Pc jailed

You may have seen the footage of this on TV – truly shocking. 4 years in a hotel, sorry, jail does not even get close 😦

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  1. I recon she got whats coming, she was not policing the area well, she picked a fight, whilst her over sized collegue sat there.
    And then has been off work on the sick for months after, someone who is supposed to be a fit healthy individual should have gottten better by now, she blaggin the sick if you ask me!

  2. Still does not excuse what the neanderthal did. I agree with the better policing, there should be a lot more Police about to deal with the scrotes on the streets, and we need to ensure that the CPS PROSECUTE people properly and not give them 3 hours community service. Sheesh.

  3. I have just read the comments written on 2nd Sept at 6:52 by someone. I would just like to say what a narrow minded individual that person who wrote this is. Liz happens to be my sister, and she is a healthy individual and physically yes she is fit and well, but does this pratt have any idea what psychological damage this has caused, perhaps you should come along and be part of our family who have had to support her and be there for her when she has suffered nightmares and is too scared to go out of the house and the upset it has caused her family her partner and her children. It amazes me in this day and age that individuals can not look outside the box to the bigger picture beyond the physical injuries to what it has done emotionally. Liz would love nothing more than to go back to work, this whole thing has turned her whole life upside down, she was happy with her job and life and now faces and uncertain future. She is lucky she has support of most people which is what is getting her through day by day, unfortunately she has read this article and its idiots like this and comments which are completely unjust which knock her backwards. The person writing this obviously does not know the complete story as she did not pick a fight at all was just doing her job. I hope this twit can sleep easy at night knowing they have just undone a lot of good work in her process to get back to work and back to normal by some pathetic comments.

  4. Ali, I am with you all the way. As per my first post, it was a shocking thing to happen and should have been punished severely, but with our system, it’s a tut tut and get back to your sad little life – almost like the system encourages crime, violence etc etc. I really hope Liz is getting her life back. Do drop me a mail at reachjm at googlemail.com
    Best wishes,

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