11 miles

August 16, 2006

I am quite pleased. Managed 11 miles on the bike πŸ™‚ Getting the hang of it now although did suffer some MAJOR cramp coming back into the village and nearly fell off, having forgotten about toe clips. Doh.

Been a busy few days, catching up at work (lot’s of mail activity and project stuff), Paul coming to stay, and doing stuff left over from being away last week. Seeing all the reports of people’s missing baggage and the continued delays / cancellations of flights…… I would say we got off lightly. Have been in touch with Andy and also Beth and Matt who we met in Palma. Andy turns out to be the cousin of a friend of JAs. Spooky.

Lots of talk on the Blogosphere about Dell laptops exploding and their recall of the SONY batteries. Not good, not good at all. Had a nice surprise in the post on Monday, a T shirt all the way from California from the Flock guys – MANY THANKS!!! πŸ™‚ Check out their dogs bits browser.

Now waiting for Kate to get back from work, then taking her to a do she is attending and then I am going to hoover my fave lamb breasts with lemon and balsamic crust from Waitrose – top tuck action.


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