Journey back from Portixol

August 12, 2006

After hearing about the news about the bomb plot in the Uk, I thought I had better take some precautions with my hand luggage – one bag with the MBP in and my Lowe Pro Mini Trekker with the camera gear in. So, yesterday morning, Kate & I plus two new friends, Beth and Matt (check out their great site ) taxied into Palma to buy some extra cases. We got a hard case which I put the camera bag in, padded with extra towels and hoped for the best. The MBP went in the Tom Bihn Brain Cell and in the Empire Builder briefcase (these are superb so check them out here). This then went in the Tumi roll on hard case.

When we got to the airport it still looked like we were not going to be allowed ANY hand luggage so we had both bags Secure Wrapped with cellophane. So, ready to go. £0000s of gear and I was going to wave good bye to it as it was left to the mercy of the baggage handlers. Gulp. At the last minute an airline chap said that in fact we could take on hand luggage. Jesus. Confusion and chaos. So in the ned I did wave goodbye to the MBP but rescued the camera stuff and took that on board. We were delayed by 30 minutes flying back to that international hub of travel, Doncaster Airport. The biggest shock was the totally ineffectual attitude of the Palma airport security. One lady, supposedly manning the X ray machines, was not even looking at the screen, and was sat back picking her nose. Well done love, top security in place. I ask you.

Anyway, we are home now and have sorted ourselves out. Scooby is back prowling around from the cattery and I am on a week’s course of Amoxycillin for the ear infection I picked up. Do have a look at the photos on Flickr.


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