This is funny!!

June 26, 2006

OK, I have screwed up big time & need some help.Over the weekend after the lens cap falling off my 70-300 lens yet again, I decided to put into action a plan I had come up with earlier last week. I had a spare UV filter that was scratched, so had no use for it. My idea was to super glue the lens cap onto the filter, which I can then take on & off the lens by simply screwing / unscrewing it. Simple I thought & I don’t have to spend a penny.Well yesterday whilst watching the footy I decided to give it a go. I had decided to put the filter on the lens & then glue the cap to the filter, that way I would not get any glue on my hands etc. I even put newspaper in the dining room on the table to stop any mess. What could go wrong !!I had the lens, the filter, the cap & the super glue. I was ready for action. Just as I was about to start I could hear people cheering in the lounge. Someone had scored, so I leapt up to go see the action. After 5 mins I returned. I put the super glue on the lens cap & fitted it to the filter on the front of the lens. Perfect !!. I felt really proud, until I caught the sight of something on the floor by me. IT WAS THE FILTER !!!! . In all the getting up to watch the football I had knocked it off the table. When I returned I obviously didn’t see it on the table & must have assumed I had fitted it I HAD ONLY GLUED THE LENS CAP ONTO THE LENS DIRECTLYNow I’ve tried everything to get it off to no avail.Can anyone advise of anything that will melt the superglue ? Will boiling water or white spirt work, or would this damage the lens ? My wife bought me this lens as a present, so will go ballistic if I tell her what I have done.I blame this all on the world cup

HELP before wife kills me !!! – Pixalo Photo Community

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