A good website follows these rules ….

June 17, 2006

If you really want a web-based business,If you really want a web-based business, your request shouldn’t be for “templates” or “layouts”. Your question should be “how can I make my users/readers come back for more of what I’m offering?”. That’s the question we like to answer. The reason why is simple – there’s basically two schools of web-designers and developers: * Those that do webpages by thinking about color schemes, pixel-perfect placement of headers, titles and images. They get your job done if your page is a visit-once endeavour (in which case, you don’t really have a web business). They do not get the job done if you need to make sense to your users and readers. A web-application (or a blog) is not a concert-night poster. * Those that want to know your business and your users first, consider all the aspects, and then implement them (even with all the bells and whistles the first kind of designer would get you). This is the right kind of people you want if you are building something for everyone. Someone (or a team) or knows engineering and breathes it into the design. People with people skills and talent.


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